by Saima Qureshi

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Saima Qureshi

Dr. Saima Qureshi is internationally collected artist based in Florida, U.S.A. Her work is inspired by human emotions, connections, spirituality and nature, incorporating global floral and geometric patterns. She is influenced by her upbringing in Pakistan and the modernity of her home in the United States, amalgamating traditional and modern techniques. Saima is a self-taught artist with a background in medicine. She has learnt through experimentation, and uses her inborn sense of color to paint in vivid hues. Saima has exhibited in the U.S. and Dubai. Her work is collected by a diverse group of people that also include royalty in the Middle East, entrepreneurs, doctors, CEOs and leadership consultants. Saima is a proponent of bringing people together and building bridges by focusing on common threads. This theme of bridging divisiveness is often reflected in her work as an artist. Saima hopes to heal a fractured world though her art.