Kulli Shain Wa Ilayhi Turjaoon

by Rabia Arshad

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Fa-subhaanal-lathee biyadihee malakootu kulli shay-ew-wa ilayhi turja-oon is a complete verse from Surah Yaseen but in this calligraphy I have composed its end part kulle shai een wa ilyhi tujaoon

“and towards Him will you be returned” with a “DOT”, empasising the certainty in the statement.



Rabia Arshad

I am Rabia Arshad, Pakistan based contemporary Graphic designer, Digital and mixed media artist holding a Degree in Graphic Design From Institute of art and design , Faisalabad, Pakistan. Most of my work is inspired by myself experiences of having negativity around us and how our thoughts helps us to gain motivation to lead a happy life. To build a positive state of mind by small things. During my study career I practiced Arabic calligraphy and its various styles among them I enjoyed more working with classical Arabic calligraphy and diwani script because of its movement and energy. My digital calligraphy work portrays the same idea and logic of motivation, positivity and optimism that our religion ISLAM teaches us. My Islamic art pieces shows positive energy through bright colors and ofcourse the Quranic verses takes you deep into your religion and you find a way to get attached to ALLAH (SWT) , which is the best way to kill negativity and lead a happy and satisfied life. My overall concept of working is that ; art is something beyond the boundaries of art and design. According to me there are no Limitations of art and design ."You can not Bound an art piece to merge into design and can not restrict a design to fix into an art form.Things are interlinked on the same platform"

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