Hajj: Ready to Hang canvas art

by Peter Gould

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Painting of the Kaaba on Canvas

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Peter Gould

Peter Gould is an internationally successful Australian Muslim artist and designer. His award winning creative projects have been featured and showcased by galleries and museums in many locations including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Turkey, USA, UK and Malaysia. His celebrated artistic approach can be described as a unique creative fusion exploring his Australian roots and personal spiritual journey over the last decade since embracing Islam, extensive travel around the Middle East and learning Arabic. His work is centred around an intention to create cultural harmony and peaceful understanding in a global environment of misunderstanding using beautifully vibrant contemporary artwork. "Peter has become the 'go-to' designer for many leading Islamic companies.. (he) is among those young urban global Muslims leading the emergence of a new Muslim cool." BBC, August 2012 Peter also has impressive commercial design portfolio involving work for global organisations such as the United Nations and brands such as Etihad Airways and Sami Yusuf. He has launched his own clothing label, children’s book & mobile app, home decor & print range and he hosts an annual convention for creative Muslims.