by Maaida Noor

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Maaida Noor

Artist Maaida Noor seeks to portray and evoke a positive feeling, whilst drawing from influences integral to her. Noor mostly uses verses of the Islamic scripture to help convey a true and affirmative message in her work in order to relate to and help question the viewer into considering their own thoughts and understandings. In particular, Noor looks to the artistry of calligraphy and Islamic art as one of the main mediums of the religious expression of the message of Allah. This inspiration stems from her interest in the rich heritage of Islamic art, which has the power to symbolise the beauty and power of Islam, and is also a reflection of the cultural values of the Muslim World. Her aim is to “invite contemplation and engage the viewer by identifying concerns about humanity, hope and our destiny and thus, by posing these questions; encourage dialogue with the work.” Noor believes her messages of peace and positivity have “deep rooted meanings that we can all relate to as humans”. Noor works with various mediums including watercolour enjoying the versatility of it and the ability to introduce and combine a wide spectrum of colours; with Noor attributing the use of colours to “create light where there is darkness in the heart, mind and soul of the viewer”. Noor’s work draws upon something unexplained beyond human experience, sometimes that of nostalgia and the fading or disintegration of material things.