by Irfan Haider

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Irfan Haider

rfan Mirza is an Abstract Expressionist and Calligraphic Artist. His paintings focus on gestural movement of energy and represent action and movement in the form of the energy flow. He utilizes different angles of brush strokes creating 3-dimensional form and depth in his paintings. His strokes are expressive and signify a spontaneous application of paint which results in bold and textured paintings that are also aesthetically appealing. Irfan was born in 1980. He earned his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. He is inspired by nature and the vibrant colors of fall. Initially he started his work with natural landscapes but later he modified the shapes and impression of the landscape that resulted in abstract expressions which gives more depth and feel to his work. He uses acrylic as a medium to express his energetic strokes and he utilizes his sense of control in creating gestures on to his canvas. His paintings are full of action and activity which adds life to his paintings. He balances his paintings with a combination of a composition that he has in his mind and the random and vigorous application of paint on to the canvas creating a unique abstract expression. Irfan currently lives and paints in St.Louis, USA. Irfan participated in various group exhibitions in United States of America, United Arab Emirates and Pakistan.

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Art medium

Acrylic, Mixed media

Art style

Abstract, Calligraphy




12" by 16", 16" by 20"

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