Canvas Prints

Art prints are an affordable and simple way to beautify a room, from your living room to your work space, unveiling your personal style and or taste. Ahlan Art provides high quality prints, making out artists work more accessible to a wider audience. Our prints are manufactured with the finest quality materials. Using high quality pigmented UV resistant ink ensure every little detail of the original image is transferred on to the pure cotton canvas. 

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IMG_6055 copy
IMG_6053 copy
IMG_6055 copy

Thread art

Persian shimmering woven silk textiles are often inspired by poems and miniature paintings. With careful selection of mediums and great attention to detail, the graciously designed naturalistic images, flora and fauna are quite a contrast from geometric abstractions.


Wood Art

The choice of wood material can vary per project, a popular choice being veneered MDF. Flexibility, stability and consistency are apart of the advantages, along with it’s natural look.  Veneered MDF is carefully crafted, laser cut or engraved with extra protection and attention to detail.