To Ahlan Art Lookbook

At Ahlan Art, we are passionate about innovation and creativity. We love to create ideas that fill spaces with energy and life.

Were inspired by the artwork around us, from modern to traditional pieces. For us, each room is looking for a canvas to fit right into it.

A room makes us think about everything from the colour to the texture, from the floor to the ceiling and everything in between. All you need to do is see what catches your eye. 

Interior with dresser and two pink chairs near empty beige wall. 3d render.

Express with colour

When you fall in love with colour you should embrace and express it. Youre free to express with patterns and textures. Go bold with a exotic colourful theme, set it up with the right accessories to complete the look.

mock up poster frame on vintage chest of drawers, interior
Alternative colour
Alternative colour
mock up blank poster on the wall of living room, 3D rendering, 3

Colour pop

You can play about with bold and bright colours, or remarkable neutral tones and create interesting effects that suit you. Use shades that inspire you and embrace pops of colour. 

3d interior scene of a red couch on white classic wall
Alternative colour


Your home should be filled with things you like, bring passion to your walls by adding hints of character and embracing repeatable patterns.

mock up poster with vintage hipster loft interior background, 3D
mock up blank poster on the wall of living room, 3D rendering, 3
Alternative colour
Romantic interior with pink couch near empty white wall. 3d render.


Floral, pretty and bright colours create a welcoming and relaxing sight. Team neutral and warm colours together to give a fresh open feeling.

Modern living-room interior with couch. 3d render.
Alternative colour


Monochrome gives of a chic yet uniquely glamorous look. The key to this look is it works so well with most blocked colours and sets of a trend. Fill your space with black and white images and create an elegant backdrop.

Modern Red Living Room
Mock up poster, hipster concept interior, 3d render
Alternative colour

Fading simplicity

A simplistic look that works well with soft light textures or plain white walls. Every minuscule detail of the artwork adds life to the white backdrop.

Alternative colour

Traditional elegance

Traditional styles can transform any interior, they add depth and richness  to the room.  Walls dressed with traditional canvases give a beautifully elegant look with a hint of modern twist.

Modern Luxury Loft / Apartment Architecture Interior
Wohndesign - Sofa weiss vor Betonwand
Alternative colour