Our History

The word Ahlan is derived from the Arabic word meaning hello / welcome. Our recognition is in melody with our name. Ahlan Art launched as one of the first online Islamic art galleries in London in 2013 by a team of art lovers who shared a passion for originality and were dedicated to introducing independent artists to a global audience. Ahlan Art has since established itself as an international art gallery with over twenty international exhibitions to date and has become the go-to place for emerging and established artists looking to invest in their future and build profiles. Ahlan Art houses a broad range of artwork to suit different preferences from classical to contemporary, from modern to art decor. They give artists and art collectors an opportunity to build bridges and connect and for art lovers the ability to style and fashion their interiors.


Ahlan Art operates as a chic market place selling unique artwork at affordable prices, accessible to both artists and collectors. We invest and support emerging, independent artists by providing them with a global platform and motivating them to showcase their talent.

Ahlan Art uses art as a medium to approach global challenges and create dialogue between different people of different backgrounds and cultures. To name a few, Ahlan Art launched the award winning ‘Make your mark’ and ‘Who is Muhammad’ campaign to create dialogue and promote inclusion and social cohesion.


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